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Marjorie Leola Wilson


Marjorie “Margie” Leola Wilson, 84, passed away on April 6, 2021, peacefully in her sleep in her home in Sioux Falls, SD. She was born on a farm in Beresford, SD, December 17, 1936, to Theresa and John Fitzgerald, the youngest girl of thirteen children. She graduated from Beresford High School in 1955 and went on to obtain her teaching degree from General Beadle State Teachers College in Madison, SD, in 1959. She married Louis Wilson on June 21, 1961, who passed October 12, 2011. They mothered two sons, Louis (Luke) and Jon. 


Margie was always dedicated above all to her Catholic faith. Since joining Christ the King in 1960 there was never a luncheon or special event at the church that did not include one of her delicious homemade specialties, and there was never a weekend where she couldn’t be seen among her fellow parishioners at Mass. Her mailbox was always full of thank-yous and stationary from Catholic organizations for her generous donations. This faith and generosity is what solidified her as a teacher and mentor for many of her students, her own children and, later in life, her grandchildren. 


Just as she was a vital member of her church, Margie was a beacon of love that held her family together. She made sure every achievement in her family members’ lives were met with a grand feast and an endless amount of desserts. No matter what the occasion, Margie made every dinner seem like a holiday; her love and generosity knew no bounds. Her life was a celebration of family, friends, and faith; however, what may be her most abmirable virtue is her work ethic which often went unnoticed.


Margie is survived by her two sons and their families: Luke and his wife Janine (Omaha, NE); and Jon and his wife Colleen (Sioux Falls); as well as her four grandchildren: Jordann (Austin, TX), Adam (Omaha, NE), Teresa and her husband Abdul (Omaha, NE), and Victoria (Minneapolis, MN); she is also survived by three of her siblings: John Fitzgerald (Beresford, SD), Gerald Fitzgerald (Beresford, SD), and Veronica Muller (Beresford, SD).


Family and friends are gathering for visitation at 5:00 PM on Friday, April 9 at Barnett-Lewis Funeral Home, 901 S Minnesota Ave. with a Scripture Vigil at 6:30 PM. This service will also be live-streamed on the website for those who cannot make it. Mass of Christian Burial will be Saturday, April 10 at Christ the King Church, 1501 W 26th St. at 11:30 AM with a burial at Woodlawn Cemetery. 


In lieu of flowers, donations may directed to Christ the King Catholic Church.


Where to begin...Margie you were so many things to so many people, a wife, mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, friend, cousin, caretaker and most importantly the best dang cook/baker around. Over the 38 years of my life I always knew if I ever needed anything, even just as simple “ Hey Aunt Margie, what is ole’”? (Listed in one of your most sacred recipes.) The answer “Butter, ok???“ “Yup! Ok!”. It never mattered the time the place, you always had the answers. I can’t even begin to list the countless lessons in life learned and taught by you, not just for me but others as well. As life has progressed and families have grown. One thing has always remained constant and that was you. You have always been there. There was no complaint in life to you. You always had a rebuttal that truly opened the eyes to create understanding that life is a gift. The good, the bad it all has a place.

As I saw you over Easter weekend and drove to your house. I had a moment, a moment where all I could hear was silence as I gazed out my car window remember as a little girl all the bike rides I made to your house day after day. I slammed open your door screaming “I’m here!” Sometimes it was probably during your down time for relaxing or times when you had other plans. However every single time you simply opened your “arms” hugged me and added me to your agenda for the day!
Our hearts are going to be empty for awhile. However, the promise I make
to you is, we will live to remember all the good and fill our hearts back up with memories and love of you.

I can only be assured heaven has gained a true angel. We will miss you and what we knew of the life created by you and Louie for all that knew and loved you both dearly. 

Most importantly though, My favorite part of all? I can see it right now uncle Louie waiting at the gates giving ya a good slap on the bootie “ what took ya so long?” Rest easy with the love of your life. You are home now.



Dear Godmother,

You went home this week to be with the Lord. This moment is bittersweet for me as I reflect on our time together in the flesh here on earth. I have the faith and understanding to know our time would be limited here, however,  it does not make my heart break any less. I called you my aunt Margie but, to me you were so much MORE. You were my GODMOTHER and you took that responsibility wholeheartedly. In a way I feel like I was the daughter you never had. I was so blessed in my younger years to spend endless hours learning and growing up with you. My list is vast.  Some of the many things you taught me were:

How to sew and thread a needle. How to cross-stitch and crochet.  How to add and subtract as well as count money. I remember vividly your teachings of even and odd numbers. We practiced endlessly. Your patience definitely preceded you as, I know how difficult I made it(stubbornness definitely runs in our family). You taught me how to bake and cook. How to be the hostess with the mostess. How to garden and always stop and smell the roses. Oh how I loved our rose  bushes.

Some of my fondest memories are  picking apples and making my favorite dessert apple crisp.  Your banana bread was award winning. Halloween popcorn balls and Carmel corn. 

I still tell friends at a dinner table until this day:  You would say to me “Kristin do you know what dessert is for?” as you would pull out a mini candy bar from the candy cabinet, you’d  cut it in half and give me and you just a bite. We would savor it and you would exclaim  “it’s to settle your tummy and tell you that dinner is done.” Until this day I still only take just one bite of any dessert or cake. I imagine this was how you kept your slender figure all of these years that I so admired you so much for.

You gave me my first car.  Even though it was a mini hot pink slug bug figurine!!  You gave me my first phone.( oh how you knew how much I loved talking on the phone.. so much so I crawled across your bedroom floor to plug it back in while y’all were sleeping. )Our talks at big stone like we’re priceless... one specifically that I won’t share.  But,  you taught me that weekend so much as it pertains to love and  marriage. Your marriage and love for my godfather Louis was beautiful. You never missed a birthday.  I loved my gifts from Ireland and your travels to Switzerland and all the stories that you came back with. I will go someday soon as it is on my bucket list because of you.

You gave me a poem once and it read like this. Recipe for “A happy marriage”
Take 2 happy people one-male and one female and separate them from their parents. Add the following ingredients in generous proportions.

Mix together, then thoroughly sift in daily life. Strain out jealousy arrogance selfishness provocation and accounting of wrongs. Bake in the trials and tribulations of life for 50 years, then celebrate when golden. You were all of this and so much more. I know you and uncle Louis are celebrating today.

I could tell 1 million more stories just like this but for the sake of time I will hold them and you  in my heart forever. You were my godmother and I your goddaughter. I will miss you more than you’ll ever know. Please hug my godfather tight for me. I will see you both again someday but,  until then please continue to watch over and guide me. Lord knows I have needed all your prayers and covering  my whole life and you knew that.

Until we meet again.
All my Love,



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